Information Overload

I thoroughly enjoy uni, this page is going to be dedicated to all the stuff i get up to whilst I am here, and hopefully see where my future leads!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Group Project

Over this two weeks we have been assigned a group project. My group met on Tuesday and did a giagantic mind map in order to grasp where everyone was from and how they were going to carry their own project forward. I was decided to look at the Scottish culture and make something that related to it.
We focused on the word RAIN. Lots of it. As such we went on by looking at umbrellas. Collated images and are assembling our boards.
As part of the research I had a look at how to make an umbrella structure which lead me to origami, it may not be practical but it was fun. I think it could lead to some interesting designs for the umbrella though perhaps.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I forgot about this. it is very brief but it captures some of the things emily and I did on the Thoroughly Modern Emily shoot in the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust bus garage.

needs a little more done to it, like actually editing and music but it gives the idea. rx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jeremy Scott Clutch. I like the idea, i think it is cute and i would probably wear this however i think something a little more lacey would have been better. If your going to show off your underwear, do it properly and make it sexy.


I love this. As part of my masters I am looking at the natural form wrapped in unnatural matrials. As par of this I have been looking at the Nero Guilt video released in march of this year

The underwear was created by Johanna O'Hagen. Using a plastics company she used vacuum forming to create the shape of the cup. Think this is definately something to look into further. rx