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I thoroughly enjoy uni, this page is going to be dedicated to all the stuff i get up to whilst I am here, and hopefully see where my future leads!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

TFDM3 teamed up with the BHF (british heart foundation). We had six weeks to create something wonderful, Our mission was to raid our closest charity shops and customise and create garments for a one off fashion show, So on the 24th February we put on a show at the Edinburgh Jamhouse!
TFDM3 was split into six groups, my group was the "Engagement" theme and we thought to hell with the conventional engagement dinner lets go for the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" as our theme! Rhinestones, Leather and Lamee ahoy! I did indeed make a lamee leotard and two pairs of leather shorts.
The top picture is all our models and group members! (where is Emma Noble?)
The night seemed to be a great success, on our part especially and it will now be put as an annual thing! Good Luck to next years TFDM.
Here are some of the pictures from the night!

Photoshoot march 29th

Yesterday helped out some uni friends with their collection photographs! such good fun! went to a little studio in edinburgh, the girl was lovely and even stayed an extra hour to help us out. The designers are part of FDI3 at Heriot Watt. The first set were for Emily Oliveri's collection "Wings", The next set were for Samantha McEwan "Love Your Bones" and the final set were for Anna Visocchi's "From Our Haus to Bahaus". Alot of hard work went into the garments!
I love Emily
"Scared face, your scared, terrified, ALIEN BABIES ARE CHASING YOU!"
Clearly I need to work on that!
Fellow models are Robyn Wade on the right and Yasmin Bawa on the far left in the last picure.
Great day.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I adore this advert and would very much like this outfit. The detailling is brilliant! next project maybe? rx

Good Evening

All good ideas happen when you should really be heading to bed. Lets hope it lasts! rx