Information Overload

I thoroughly enjoy uni, this page is going to be dedicated to all the stuff i get up to whilst I am here, and hopefully see where my future leads!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


On the 7th of February I met with the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, Iain, Ian and Gordon. After a cup of tea and a chat about what I was up to (which you will find out about next week) we went for the tour around the garage in Bridgeton I really liked what they were doing and got to have a great look around. There is such a passion for restoring the buses, there is a story behind each one. They were more than happy to have me go on and off the buses (which i have to admit was not always graceful). A working Museum they have programs with the community and are very much present in Glasgow Fairs.

So I had three weeks to get everything up to scratch and D day is on Monday. Keep posted to find out what happens.


It's been a while....

Mostly because i forgot my password.

this year in a nutshell...

Summer: I was on the three month placement with That Looks Good in Paisley. got to do some really interesting costumes my favourites including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Beauty and the Beast as well as The Wedding Singer. I do believe I would wear most of the costumes for the Wedding Singer in normal life.

I left the placement to go to New York where I spent two weeks in Harlem, 135th street at the House of Holland with my fellow Scots Emma, Robyn, Lisa, Andre and for a small time Geyan, A strange set up but had the best time! Met some lovely people and even came back with the mildest of tans my goodness. Did a few wee pictures for darling Emma for her placement at Eva New York. Victoria's Secret is where my money disappeared. Got to see Avenue Q which was fantastic and very funny, but at the bar it was incredible difficult for a New Yorker to understand a Scot when asking for a "Loosey Goosey". Kats deli has great pastrami sandwiches and was great to look around.

Autumn: Moved to my new flat in the Burg, which only takes 25 mins to walk back from the centre having had one too many on a night out. I love being in a city. Uni Wednesday Thursday and hardcore dissertation work. Sexy Vs Smut where is the boundary is my title and it deals with the boundary of underwear in advertising. Reading Hundreds which makes a change.

Winter: New Year was spent in The Gardens with the Bayou crowd and Biffy Cylro. EMily decking Lindsay at the bells was the beginning of a great year.
Christmas number two in the Bayou, haha chinese take out in boxes and bucket of chicken, truly beautiful haha.
just busy busy busy trying to keep up with everything.