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Monday, 4 April 2011

Angus Macphee

Angus Macphee was born on the 8th July 1927 and died last month February 13th 2011.

An art teacher at the Glasgow school of art, a talented man he spoke Gaelic at home, english and played the pipes. Born in Glasgow and living in Skye he had the best of both worlds. There was a television programme in which he was featured, as a teenager he found the body of a German U-boat sailer. He made it his mission to find the relatives of this sailor so that they would know what happened to him. He was a great man.

Not only was this man a great artist and gaelic speaker he too was a friend of the family. This is the reason that i fell heir to the name Rhona. Now for years i have spoken of how I have been named after a girl with leukemia well this is in fact true. Angus Macphee had three daughter who used to play with my mum, unfortunately one of his daughters died at the age of four.
Angus MacPhee dedicated his Crunluath Collection to his daughter Rona.


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